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About Us

The people who teach animation can vary from an old studio veteran, to a young independent filmmaker, to a computer tech. All are united in their love of teaching and a desire to ensure the skills of the past are passed on to future generations. Despite the large number of people now teaching animation, there has been very little communication between these teachers outside of their respective institutions, other than casual social contact…until now.

Two years ago, a group of Southern California educators formed an Animation Educator’s Forum in order to begin a dialogue and share information with all those who teach animation. Thanks to the generous support of ASIFA/Hollywood, the AEF has created a successful Student Film Festival, a retrospective of educators personal films entitled “ Those Who Teach- Do!”, and will soon launch a new interactive website to suit the needs of animation instructors.

The Animation Educator’s Forum is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of animation through education. Our members, with their diverse backgrounds in both the animation and educational fields, are focused on extending their knowledge and experience to others within the burgeoning animation community, worldwide.

The AEF has begun a dialogue, communicating communicated with many instructors across the USA, and now is reaching out beyond our borders. Teachers from Toronto to Singapore have expressed interest. All who are engaged in this unique form of instruction need not toil alone. We are welcoming new ideas and new members and look forward to lively, inspired and valuable communication going forward!