Birds of a Feather in Vancouver August 12

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Educators Forum at SIGGRAPH asks: Should we teach to the first job or the last job?

A “Birds of A Feather” discussion on Tuesday, 12 August at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM in the Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building, Room 2

Are the pressures of employment affecting how we teach? Some animation programs focus first on software and current skills while others stress lifelong learning. What is the best balance?

President Obama has created a score card that “grades” American universities for cost, graduation rates, loan defaults and job opportunities. Should animation educators focus on making sure students get that first job to pay back their loans, or build the creative capital to be directors, or award-winning artists one day? Like so many in the animation community, educators also walk that never-ending fine line, trying to find a balance between industry and art.