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Class of 2020 Animation Virtual Showcase

AEF and ASIFA Hollywood would like to congratulate the senior graduating animation class of 2020 for all their hard work.

Ball State University

  • CG Animation

    Kimberly Holbrook


  • CG Animation

    Nikki Dixon

    Nothing Personal

California College of the Arts

  • 2D / 3D

    Sunny Satpathy

    Mating Call

  • 2D

    Rachael Kleban


  • 3D Computer

    Marisa Avenetti

    “Squirt and Friends: Happy Birthday Brizzy”

  • 2D

    Hojin Jung

    Dance in a Metaphysical Castle

California State University Fullerton

  • 2D Traditional

    Chris Herman


  • CG

    William Hesse

    Toasted Love

California State University Long Beach

  • 2D

    Genesis Sosa


  • 2D

    Ryan Chu

    Deep Fears

  • 2D

    Lauren Lee


  • 2D

    Olivia Wildman

    Ida Butch and the Violet Ranger

  • 2D

    Ellin Fin

    Pas Des Deux

  • 3D

    Tabo Tang

    Feed My Piggy

  • Stop Motion

    Arlene Cardenas


  • Experimental

    Kelly Juarez

    Dear Souvenir

California State University Northridge

  • 2d Traditional

    Amanda Braun

    Moths of the West

  • 2d Traditional

    Elias Hoxsie


  • 2d Traditional

    Emily Jacksen

    Hat Trick

  • 2d Traditional

    Abria Flack

    The Perfect Life of Mr. Louis

  • 2d Traditional

    Agavny Vardanyan


Carnegie Mellon University

  • 2D Animation, color

    Cora Hickoff

    The Tunguska Event

  • 2D animation, color

    Hannah Kim

    Cave Dream

  • CG Animation, Mixed Media

    Sheenu You

    On Hold

  • CG Animation

    Sophia Videva

    The Mole

  • CG Animation

    Katie Tender

    Youth Group 4

  • Stop-motion, Mixed Media

    Sophia Qin

    A Silicon Valley Horror Story

  • Stop-motion, Mixed Media

    Lumi Barron

    Quarantine Conversations

  • Experimental

    Peter Sheehan

    Storytime with Granddad

Central Michigan University

  • Tradigital/Death Metal/Music Video

    TJ Nosal

    Death Drive

  • Tradigital/Show Opener/Teaser for new series

    Vanesa Skocelas-Johnson

    Millie’s Magical Library

  • Tradigital/Short Film

    Veronica Kuznicki


  • Promo Reel/Graphic Novel

    May Napora

    Rigor Mortis

  • Tradigital/Animated Trailer/Teaser for 10 min Short Film

    Maggie Buerkle

    Spirit of Anda

  • Promo Reel/3D Character Development

    Ben Geer

    Knight School

  • Promo Reel/VR Horror Game

    Kristen Smith


  • Charcoal Animation/Short Film/Animated Documentary

    Jordona Harkow

    Longerburger Baskets

  • Sand Animation/Short Film

    May Napora

    The Necklace and the Comb

  • Experimental/Visual Music

    Lindsay Robertson


Deakin University, Australia

  • 3D Animation

    Calvin Irons

    The Courier from Kimbou

  • 3D Animation

    Ian Chan and Jeff Benedic


Emily Carr University of Art and Design

  • 3D Computer Animation

    Belinda Zhang

    Pop Quiz

  • 3D Computer Animation

    Catena Chung

    Blueberry Cake

  • 3D Computer Animation

    Mingyue Pang

    Don’t Escape

  • 3D Computer Animation / Experimental

    Chellysia Christen


Ferris State University

  • 3D Game Demo

    Matt Dawe

    Absurd Fury

  • 3D Game and Animation Demo

    Kenton Reynolds

    Howard and Wispy

  • 3D Furniture Visualizatoin

    Avery Kukla

    Colourform Sofa Demo

  • 3D Furniture Room Configurator

    Angela Dato/Dakota Lynch

    Room Configurator

Kapi‘olani Community College New Media Arts

  • 2D mixed media animation

    Hannah Woodward

    Frog Birthday

  • 2D digital hand-drawn animation

    Raleigh Harris

    Up in Smoke

Kendall College of Art and Design

  • 2D animation teaser

    Hansol Kim


  • mixed animated media and motion graphics

    Kendra Nienhuis

    Insight into Neurodiversity

  • 2D motion graphic music video

    Laurel Powers


Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore

  • 2d Animation

    Marina Chaw

    A Walk on Void Country

  • Mixed Media

    Mark Chee


  • 2D Animation

    Siah Jia Min

    Once Upon a Noon

  • 2D/3D Animation

    Fatimah Mahfirah

    5 by 5 Feet

  • 2D Animation

    Kaiyi Aw Yong

    Lorong 88

Lipscomb University

  • 2D animation, color

    Joel Guthrie

    Jurassically Trained

  • 2D animation, color

    Daniel Haycox

    Good Boy Richard

  • CG and 2D animation, color

    Aedan Peterson

    5 Min. Film Festival 2020 bumper

Monmouth University

  • 3D animation short film

    Jonathan Cohen, Chasity Conception, Michael Orlando, Brent Pearlman, Roxanne Quow, Nicole Tuohy

    Detention into Another Dimension

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany

  • 2D Animation

    Natalie Holy

    Dreaming of the Stars

  • 3D Animation

    Danny Seggelke

    Enjoy your Breakfast

  • 2D Animation

    Hendrik Hihn


Pacific Northwest College of Arts

  • 2D animation

    Emmi Stonier

    Freshman 40

  • 2D Animation

    Talley Kitzman

    I Remember a House

  • 2D animation

    Jeff Cravath

    Duel and Duet

  • 2D animation

    Emily Portinga

    Seen at 12:22

  • Stop Motion

    Aurora Wade

    The Distance

  • 2D animation

    Sam Hutt

    Eva and the Troll

Ringling College of Art + Design

  • 3D Animation

    Kiwon Lee, Farrah Silberman

    My Arch-Frenemy

  • 3D Animation

    Shelby Pogue

    The Popping

  • 3D Animation

    Maria Bjarnadottir, Di Kalaha

    Tides Are Changing

  • 3D Animation

    Di Lu

    Super Generic

  • 3D Animation

    Jeremy Schaefer

    The Box Assassin

  • 3D Animation

    Logan Webb

    Tapped Out

  • 3D Animation

    Abbie Collins


  • 3D Animation

    Fransis Chicote, Nicole Tan

    Bacterium Delirium

  • 3D Animation

    Alyssa Ragni

    Doomsday Princess

  • 3D Animation

    Cherry Guo, Naicheng, Liu, Suhn Chung


  • 3D Animation

    David Coole

    Go Fetch!

  • 3D Animation

    Ariel Song

    The Very Hungry Ducky

  • 3D Animation

    Katherine Guggenberger

    Pork Chop

  • 3D Animation

    Nikki Chapman


  • 3D Animation

    Shir Baron

    The Train to Qinling

  • 3D Animation

    Maarten Lemmens


  • 3D Animation

    Rodrigo Chapoy

    Bear With Me

  • 3D Animation

    Tabitha Kitchen

    Granny’s Gamble

  • 3D Animation

    Susan Huang, Stacy Moon, Nadya Sugiarto



  • Experimental – 2D/3D & Live Action

    Bradley Palmer


School of Visual Arts

  • 2D Animation

    Moksha Rao

    Take Out

  • 2D Animation

    Jeonghyo Kim

    A Day of Bari

  • 2D Animation

    Jon Sherin

    Sackhead Strikes Out!

  • 2D Animation

    Yuyang Zhang


  • 2D Animation & 3D

    Adam Bohorquez

    Millennium Hour

  • 2D Animation

    Mark Minnig

    Otis March

  • 2D Animation

    Wen Ju Chow

    The Little Hedgehog

  • 2D Animation

    Runnan Zhang

    The Black Sheep

  • 2D Animation

    Sara Zarul Azham

    My Pet Cat, Depression

  • 2D Animation

    Jessica Pon

    The Train Ride Home

  • 2D Animation

    Ren Chu


  • 3D Animation

    Juinuk Choi

    Beyond the Line

  • 3D Animation

    Chieh Cheng


  • 3D Animation

    Yu Wang

    The Organized Life

  • 3D Animation

    Matthew Rinehart


  • 3D Animation & painting style

    Chong Liu & Kuan Ting Liu

    Nowhere Man

  • 3D Animation

    Nicole Noel


  • 3D Animation

    Dasha Prosyannikova


  • 3D Animation

    Aiyin Li


  • 3D Animation

    Kayleen Acosta, Josette Ortega, and Gabriel Aguirre

    El Diablo Cojuelo

  • 3D Animation

    Flora Yu and Xueqing Hu

    You Shell Be Happy

  • 3D Animation

    Harry Chen

    Signal Lingers

  • 3D Animation

    Daniela Dwek, Chrisy Baek, and Maya Mendonca


  • 3D Animation

    Brandon Garcia and Jhorinson Dominguez

    Letting Go

  • 3D Animation

    Teresa Park

    Dinner is Saved

  • 3D Animation

    Zhun Zhang


  • 3D Animation

    Monica Stevenson

    The Street Dog and the Cat Show

  • 3D Animation

    Isaiah Roa and Bri Ecklund

    Of Bane & Bounty

  • 3D Animation

    Matthew Colglazier and Charles Benevento


  • 2D Animation & Stop Motion

    Wesley Hellinger

    Have You Seen My Heart?

Towson University

  • 2D Digital Animation

    Sadie Gallagher


  • 2D Digital Animation

    Jacob Maier


  • Cut-out Stop-motion Animation

    Natalie Palaez


UMASS Amherst

  • 2D

    Daria Lee

    Preview: The Art of Jumbles

  • 2D

    Kayla Correa


  • 2D/Motion Graphics

    Melanie Griffith

    A Day in the Life of a Dyslexic

  • 2D

    Eric Tang

    Two of Us

  • 2D

    Kam Sinopoli


UMASS Lowell

  • 2D Computer Animation

    Tyler Selfridge

    Don’t Be A Prick

  • 2D Computer Animation

    Katie Lucas


  • 2D Computer Animation

    Cassidy McAuliff


  • 3D Computer Animation

    Madison Hines

    Life and Death

  • 3D Computer Animation

    Abagail Taper


University Central Florida

  • CG Animated Short / Character Animation BFA Cohort 2020

    Kenna Hornibrook & Crissy Peters


  • CG Animated Short / Character Animation BFA Cohort 2020

    Christian Antonini & Tanice Arnold

    Stick to Manual

  • MFA CG Animated Short Thesis film

    Heather Knott


  • MFA 2D Digital Animated Short Thesis film

    Alyssa Garoogian


  • MFA 2D Digital Animated Short Thesis film

    Dana Barnes


  • MFA 2D Digital Animated Short Thesis film

    Amber Hilson

    Seeds of Doubt

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

  • Group Film Fall 2019; 2D Digital Hand Drawn, stop motion, rotoscope (completed Fall 2019)

    Gavin Arucan

    Midnight Showing

  • Group Film Fall 2019; 2D Digital Hand Drawn/Puppets

    Suky Zhao


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

  • 2D Digital, Rotoscope

    Harleigh Price

    An Inkling

  • 2D Digital

    Jes Arnold


  • 2D Digital

    Kalan Thread


  • 2D Digital

    Garrett Cannon

    Stone City

  • 2D Digital

    Victoria Carriere

    Sea of Dreams

University of Texas at Dallas

  • CG Animated Short / Animation Lab

    Joshua Slezak


  • Enviornment Flythrough of VR Project

    Ayah Lopez


  • CG Animated Short / Independent Study & Capstone

    Alexa Boushey


Virginia Commonwealth University

  • 2D animation

    John Dell’Angelo

    Study no. 1

  • 2D CG animation

    Zeshan Wang


  • 2D animation

    Aliyah Decket

    When it doesn’t fall

  • 2D digital and mixed media

    Michelle Dominado

    The Koi and The Frog

  • group project, teaser, 2D digital

    Megan Rogers, Caitlin Dinoia

    Stranger From the Deep

  • 2d animation

    Rowan Martin


  • 2D animation

    Tiffani Green

    Welcome to Goth CIty

  • 3D animation

    Erica Nicole Resurreccion

    The Bungisngis

  • 3D Stop-motion

    Silvia Valladares


  • 2D CG

    Olivia Duke

    Lunar Meditation

  • mixed media, 2D and 3D CG, live action

    Jacob Billow

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