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ASIFA-Hollywood was founded in 1957, by Bill Scott, Stephen Bosustow, Ward Kimball, William T. Hurtz, Les Goldman, June Foray, and Bill Littlejohn, and later chartered by UNESCO in 1960.

Many branches of ASIFA exist throughout the world; in the US there are chapters in San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington, the Detroit area, and others, while internationally, organizations exist in Annecy, France, in Italy, and Japan. ASIFA also sponsors several animation film festivals throughout the world, including the ASIFA-Hollywood Student Animation Festival. ASIFA-Hollywood has the largest membership internationally of all other chapters, largely because the most popular cartoons ever produced were by studios and animation professionals located in the city of Burbank, which is also the location of ASIFA-Hollywood’s headquarters.
The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Center in Burbank includes a virtual archive, museum, library and research facility, containing the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project.

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