#Nickelodeon Short Program 2014

Nickelodeon is always looking for new creative talent, innovative concepts, funny characters, and original designs. Most of all, they are thrilled to hear your ideas.


Animated shorts must be: comedic, character driven, and have kid appeal.

They look for ideas that feature an original, funny lead character – with about 2 or 3 characters in total. Be prepared to show either through designs, thumbnail storyboards or script, how funny and unique your characters are.

Characters must be relatable to kids ages 6 to 11 and appeal to both boys and girls.

If the characters are human, they recommend that they be a kid around our audience’s age. If non-human their mindset would be like a kid and they would encounter situations that are relatable and comprehendible to our kid-audience.

All submissions must be kid-appropriate in content.

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