Seven Golden Camels #Animation Blog

If you’re looking for a blog that discusses simple techniques and sophisticated design in the art of animation, Temple of the Seven Golden Camels is for you. With so much information available to artists at the click of a mouse, this blog is definitely one destination you’ll want to keep in your favorites.

Mark Kennedy, a storyboard artists based in Los Angeles, covers many subjects that will help improve your storytelling skills. If you want to see his profile click here.

Not only are the discussions informative, each topic is illustrated with artwork to help you visualize the creative process.

Here’s an excerpt from his November 16 entry on layout tricks:

Another simple way to get the effect you want from your layouts is to use the right shape language for the type of feeling you’re trying to achieve. Often, you are trying to impart a certain type of mood or feeling to the viewer. You’re not just drawing a house; you are drawing a house that’s supposed to feel haunted. Or comfortable and homey. Or cold and sanitized….whatever is the best option for the story you’re trying to tell.

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