#Student #Animations Website

Student Animations is a site is dedicated to being a helpful resource for students studying animation.

At this site, students have an opportunity to have their work published at the site. Shorts are chosen based on their overall quality. For instance, if animation is mediocre but the lighting, modeling, and texturing are superb then it would be considered to have the necessary overall quality to be featured on the site. This approach is used to prevent bias against one aspect of a short film.

StudentAnimations.com started as a class project in summer of 2012 and was founded with the following principles:

Founding Principles

  1. Showcase and encourage good student animation work.
  2. Respect the artists; always and in every way.
  3. Provide educational resources for students who are creating their own animated films.
  4. Remain unbiased towards universities/companies in which student projects are featured on the site.
  5. Be as ad free as possible to not distract from the student work.

The site is run solely by Greg Slagel, a graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas’ Arts and technology program.

To visit the website click here.