#USC Arts After Dark

We enjoy it when students document their activities at their respective colleges and universities. Matriculating through school can be an intense experience, but also one that is rewarding.

Students at the University of Southern California’s six world-class arts schools (Architecture, Cinematic Arts, Dance, Drama, Arts and Design and Music) refine their craft in nighttime labs, theaters and rehearsal rooms all across campus. While other Trojans study or sleep, arts students keep the lights burning as they edit films, practice arias and rock licks, design stage sets and costumes. Watch and listen to dedicated student animators, musicians and dramatic artists during their late-night work sessions.

Produced by Sue Vogl and Allison Engel/University of Southern California. Video and editing by Midnight Hour Studios. Featuring performances from Ryan Baird (double bass), Paige Yamada (soprano), Allison Chu (piano), Kathleen Janert (trumpet) and the Andrew Hill Band (Andrew Hill, bass; Patrick Arthur Rector, lead guitar; James Prinzi, drums; Javen Smith, vocals; Michael Arrom, piano).