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AEF History

A Historical Timeline of the Animation Educators Forum

"Animation is such a long, hard work. You have to keep doing, doing, doing to learn. You can only have one love if you want to be an animator: animation. You can’t devote yourself to it part-time."

Tissa David


In 2007 a group of animation educators gathered to form a non-profit discussion group called the ANIMATION EDUCATORS FORUM. Their purpose was to share experiences and ideas common to all who teach the art of animation. Shortly after, the AEF affiliated under the umbrella of ASIFA-Hollywood, the international animator’s society. The AEF holds several discussions a year on a range of topics affecting animation education. The group accepts members from around the world to reflect the global nature of animation production today. The group judges and awards student scholarships and faculty and research grants annually. They promote the Student Animation Showcase as well as judging the annual Student Annie Awards.

AEF Founded
AEF online discussion group launched
AEF Student Film Festival inspires the Student Annie Award
First AEF Scholarships awarded
Faculty Grant Winners
First Year of Student Animation Showcase Premiers
CTN Birds Of a Feather 23rd Edition
Launch of New AEF Website